Favorites in Threes

Hello! I’m sorry I have not been sticking to my schedule. Things have been a bit crazy for me. Today’s post is inspired by this one written by Marzia Bisognin and I am going to talk to you about some of my favorite things.

First is TV shows, because I am clearly obsessed.

Mad Men


The fact that I love this show so much confuses me because I don’t care about advertising, and usually watching anything set in this time period or before frustrates me because of the way women and minorities are treated. But the dialogue and characters are so compelling that you can’t help becoming obsessed. Despite the popularity of the show, I always dismissed it as something I wouldn’t enjoy, but as soon as I started watching it I was hooked, so you should totally give it a chance.

Jessica Jones


I am still so obsessed with this  show. I highly recommend reading the Alias series which it is based on, because it is so amazing. The show follows the original story as much as it can, and it definitely does it justice. The casting is perfect, the writing is excellent, and the pace of the show is awesome, like all other Netflix shows. It’s currently my favorite ongoing TV show after Game of Thrones, and I was so excited when it was renewed for a second season.

The Walking Dead


This show was amazing in the beginning, and then in seasons three and four became so boring I almost stopped watching. But this current season and the one before are amazing. They’re fast paced and full of action, but it also stops to explain the emotions and feelings the characters are going through as they lose people and try to find hope in a world that doesn’t seem to have a future. The new characters don’t feel like they have just been added to be killed off, they are legitimately part of the story. The casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan has also got me super excited and terrified for the future of some characters. It’s a heartbreaking show, but so worth it.


I have surprisingly had quite a bit of time to read these days, probably because I have been procrastinating studying, oops. Here are some of my favorite books I have read recently.

The Fall of Giants by Ken Follett


I started reading this book about two months ago, and I just finished it. It took me a while to get through because it deals with a lot of history from World War I, which I’m not familiar with, so I got confused. But I kept reading because I fell in love with all the characters. Follett’s characters are definitely the best part of the book – the plot is interesting but not excellent. His storytelling is amazing, and I found myself desperately hoping, along with the characters, that war would not be declared, which is crazy because I knew that the book was based on history. History buffs will probably love this book even more than I did.

Asking For It by Louise O’Neill


I read this book because it was the first book for January for the Banging Book Club, which was started by one of my favorite YouTubers, Hannah Witton and two of her friends. It’s a difficult book to get through, but it is amazing because it shows the realities of rape culture and how in a small town where people have preconceived notions of people’s reputations, the victim is ultimately the one who is blamed. Many people have criticized the ending, but I think that it fits with the rest of the book in that the reality that sometimes, everything isn’t going to be okay.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


This book broke my heart. I read it because I saw the trailer for the movie, which stars Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke, AKA Finnick and Dany, and I had to know what happens in the story. Yes, it is a love story, but it focuses on important things which people usually feel uncomfortable talking about. The characters are interesting and the story beautifully captures the fact that sometimes time isn’t a factor when it comes to falling in love.


I love music, like most people, but I am not obsessed. I find my music from TV shows or games, or friends. Here are three songs I have been LOVING.

Intro by The XX

OMG this song. I listen to it on repeat for hours. My friend said to me, I have no idea what this is, but I keep listening. That’s exactly what I do as well. It just makes me happy and sad at the same time and I just can’t explain why I love this song so much, but I do.

The Set Up by Favored Nations

I can explain why I love this song. It plays at the end credits of GTA V when the three main characters are looking off into the sunset and then leave. I recently played the game for the second time and rediscovered this song. It’s an awesome workout song too.

Singing Satellite by Above and Beyond

I love this song because the vocals are amazing and it’s just a nice song. I also recommend checking out the other songs by Above and Beyond, they’re all pretty great.


Yay video games! Sadly I have not been playing as much as I want to. But here’s the ones I’ve been loving for a while.

Clash of Clans



THIS GAME. So I used to play it obsessively for around a year, and then I just got fed up because OH MY GOD, you needed so much gold and elixir and people kept stealing it from you and I basically rage quit. But then, my wonderful but stupid friend kept talking about it and I decided to play it again. I didn’t sign in to my previous account, I just started from the beginning. I’ll probably end up rage quitting again, but right now I am having so much fun, and I’m enjoying the new features that weren’t there before, which make the game less frustrating.

Star Wars Battlefront


I love love love couch co-op games. There are way too few because everyone plays online these days, but my brother and I love playing together so this game is what we have been playing lately. The game is fun and I love the different game modes, but I just wish that there was a story mode; that would have made the game perfect.



As I said before, I recently replayed this game and I cannot even explain how much I love it. The story is super immersive, the characters are my best friends, I love them so much, and the humor is just off the charts. It’s subtle, slapstick and self deprecating. Despite having played the game before, I laughed out loud multiple times. I finished the main story and I’m currently running around completing the strangers and freaks and just going crazy. It’s the best.


So that’s it! Here’s some of my favorites and I hope you enjoy at least one of these 🙂









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