Adventure: Irrakkandy, Sri Lanka 2016

Adventure: Irrakkandy, Sri Lanka 2016

Last weekend, my friends and I had the opportunity to go to Irrakkandy, which is a tiny fishing village on the north east coast of our island, Sri Lanka. When I say tiny, I am not exaggerating, the village is literally just 150 – 200 meters end to end. This was my second visit, the last time I went was back in March. One of my friends has a holiday home there, which is why it’s slowly becoming a regular vacation spot.

I had so much fun on the trip, even though all we did was just relax on the beach and in the ocean. I took loads of pictures, but I took them on my phone, so the quality isn’t that great, but it’s better than nothing!

So, on Friday night we left Colombo, which is on the west coast, and 7 hours and 270km later we were in Trincomalee, all the way on the north east coast. We took the bus, which had the air conditioning on the highest setting probably, so we by the time we got to the bus stop we were ice cold. From there, we took another bus to Irrakkandy which took around half an hour. At this point it was almost 7 am and we were so sleepy and tired. The last time we made it in time to watch the sunrise, but this time we were too late, so we took our bags to the bungalow and waited for breakfast.

This was our awesome bungalow.
This was our view from the bungalow.
Hammock that we all sat on while one of us struggled to open the door every time we came back from the sea (The doors were all antique, so the keys and locks were totally uncooperative).

I didn’t take any pictures inside the bungalow, because it was constantly a mess, oops. We were more concerned with going to the sea than being tidy 😛 It was just two rooms and a living room, which is where we spent most of our time. We had to walk five minutes away to this other bungalow where we got our meals. Because Irakkandy is a fishing village, and extremely rural, all of the fresh seafood was extremely cheap, so naturally we ate it everyday, for all our meals, when it was available. SO GOOD.

The sea here is actually a lagoon, so it’s essentially a huge pool with a few small waves. We could walk around 1 – 2 km into the ocean and the water would be up to our waists. There were also small “islands” that we could climb up and explore depending on the tide, which was so much fun.

These were the “islands”. They look really far away, but we literally just walked up to them.
This is what the beach looked like early morning.
This is what it looked like in the late afternoon.

On our last day we came across this lonely cow, which was on the sandbank far away from the shore. She had gotten separated from the rest of her friends and I think she didn’t know how to come back to shore, which was kinda sad.

This is where the lonely cow was.
This was where her friend was, all the way on the shore.

The ocean was in season, which mean there were no dangerous monsoon currents, so it was perfect for swimming. However, the waves were a little smaller and more rough than regular waves, which didn’t hinder our ability to swim, but they did destroy and bury the shells on the shore, which was really sad. The last time I came, my friend and I spent hours looking for shells, and for some reason, it was a very therapeutic thing to do. I still did manage to find a few shells this time though.

Bits of broken shell an coral left behind as the tide went down.
I love the little trails left behind in the sand.
Better view of the stuff that’s left behind.
Adorable fully intact shell! I was so excited to see this.
The water that was flowing in the morning had gone down with the tide in the evening, and it left behind this awesome design in the sand.
Here’s a closeup.
Another intact shell.
Coolest looking shell ever.
Smallest and cutest shell I have ever seen in my life.
The water leaving behind more cool patterns in the sand.
We were also there for most of the sunset.
Almost gone.
Here’s the lagoon getting quieter as the sun sets.

We also went to the shops a little away from the bungalow to get some snacks. The lagoon separates the two ends of the village, so it’s connected by a bridge which is probably the most modern thing in the whole area. It looks cool but also so out of place.

Here’s the bridge….
..and here’s the view of the lagoon from the bridge.

I had such an amazing time on this trip and I honestly can’t wait to go back. We are hoping go every three months, so hopefully I will be back soon!


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